Glyph Diaries

Over the last few years I have been collecting various visual forms (consonant clusters/consonants/vowels/symbols etc.) found in the Devanagari script. This collection has been in the form of physical diaries, where I have documented the visual form, and the context of use. Several colleges had suggested that I compile it and present it in a more accessible format to a larger audience. Foremost among these is Prof. Santosh Kshirsagar, who himself has been suggesting the development of a “अक्षरकोश” a dictionary of Devanagari glyphs. The presented volume is a diverse collection, and it has been subsequently been worked upon by several individuals. It does not, in any which way claim to comprehensive or exhaustive, and we hope update it from time to time. The larger hope is that this volume will prove to be a helpful resource to both seasoned designers and those who have just started the study of the Devanagari letters.

- Dr. Girish Dalvi


Consonant-cluster (Samyuktakashar) is one of the most interesting aspects of the Devnagari Script. Two or more consonants come together to form a Samyuktakshar. This combination of letters creates a unique visual representation. These representations are extremely important in the study of Devnagari Script. To a calligrapher and a typographer, it is pleasure to see how these letters come together to create an altogether new form.