Lets take a Ball for example moving from point A to point B and see how many frames do we need to make a smoother action
Move the slider to change the FPS(frames per second) and try to make the action smoother.

1 FPS 2 FPS 3 FPS 6 FPS 12 FPS 24 FPS
Frames are your platform to draw/make a drawing
Timing animation refers to how long an action takes from beginning to end. The functions of timing are to create movement that obeys laws of physics and to add interest to your animations. Time is very crucial part in animation, you will have to break a second into many many parts, while doing animation.
The frame rate is measured by the number of frames per second(FPS). By standard you have to use 24 frames per second, but since there are many different movements and animations you can experiment with.
Here you can see all different fps of ball moving from point A to point B and see how every fps changes its speed and timing.
Animation is illusion of motion by playing sequntial images one by one at certain speed to get the illusion of real time. Here you can see all different types of bird flying images combined to produce an illusion of a bird actually flying.

1 FPS 2 FPS 3 FPS 6 FPS 12 FPS 24 FPS
In order to create an illusion of animation we need to change the frame speed at which the images will change. Move the slider to change the speed of bird moving and try to make it smooth.
Drawings, type of animation, the frames/timeline, time, framerate are the pretty much basic introduction to animation. Now lets get to learn how to animate.
These are four major types of animation commonly used in the industry currently. Experimental animation is another technique which may combine any of above medium and genre to create animation. Click any one of the buttons to see the examples of different types of animation.

Animation is a method of photographing successive drawings, models or even puppets to create an illusion of movement in a sequence. Click the button below to play or pause the animation
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