Background of Devanagari Font Tool
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Background of Devanagari Font Tool

The Devanagari Font Search tool is based on the Conceptual model for Devanagari Typefaces developed by Girish Dalvi during his PhD at IIT Bombay. The tool is primarily meant as an educational and search aid, for students and type designers. The tool is equipped with multiple filtering capabilities which can be used for identifying unknown typefaces, and also allows exploratory search. This tool is currently in development and data about fonts is constantly being added, at present the font data is based on the marginal notes collected by Girish during his PhD. We hope to keep adding to this total over the coming months and years. If you wish to contribute to the project, please feel free to write to the team.

About this Project

Devanagari Typography has a long and complex history, most of it remains unwritten, undocumented and unarticulated. A significant amount of work in this area has not been appreciated or analysed—original Devnagari font designers have rarely been noted and acknowledged. Through this project we wish to recognize some of the original type designers of Devanagari, their sources and inspirations. We hope that students and designers would be able to learn from some of the pioneering work that has been done in this field, and through this learn to appreciate and acknowledge the work done y earlier type designers. This is an ongoing project and by no means is the data here (given the nature of the field) exhaustive or free of errors. If you find any inconsistencies, errors, or if you wish to share/add additional information about devanagari fonts, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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D'source Funded

This project is part of the 'Creating Digital-learning Environment for Design' also called 'e-kalpa' which is sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resources, Government of India as part of the National Mission in Education through Information and Communication Technology. The entire project was designed and developed at the Industrial Design Centre (IDC), in the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.


Tool Design, Development & Text: Girish Dalvi.

Images and UI Design: Girish Dalvi and Pradnya Naik.

Website Programming: Kadimisetty Avinash, Nitin Vivek Bharti, Pranjal Choubey, Raghu Nayyar.

Video and Editing: Vinit Masram.

Sound Editing: Shantanu Yennemadi.

Voice-over: Aditi Kulkarni.

Header Logo Font: Lehiya Devanagari designed by Pradnya Naik.

Website Latin font: OpenSans designed by Steve Matteson.

Website Devanagari font: Ek Mukta designed by Girish Dalvi & Yashodeep Gholap.

Overall Co-ordinator Dsource: Prof. Ravi Poovaiah.

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